Honest Grace

I’ve been inspired to begin a career of blogging. . .my wife and I have a friend who just recently returned to the states from Russia as a missionary.  She has kept a blog -a very amazing blog, at that! – during much of her time over there.  I’m excited about the opportunity to share my thoughts with the world about God, real Christianity, sports, Star Trek, music, whatever. . .each fiber of the fabric of life is worthy of observation. 

That’s what I enjoy. Observing.  You won’t find too many profound discoveries in these blogs.  What you’ll see, though, are the thoughts of a man who constantly needs God.  It’s from this lens that I try to see the world – with honest grace. I don’t want to sugarcoat things; but I don’t want to shred the world as if it were tissue paper, either.

I’m eager to begin this dialogue with whoever wishes to jump in.  I welcome your thoughts – the good, bad, and the ugly.  I welcome your prayer requests and life stories, too.  All in all, I welcome you.


One thought on “Honest Grace

  1. Hello there, First I would like to say this is absolutely wonderful! Secondly, I have a prayer request; I thank our Lord God Almighty, our Creator and Savior, our Counselor and Comfortor for His Love, HIs Grace, His Mercy, and for His Justice and Righteousness and Holiness and Soverienty and Purity, and His All-Knowingness, All-Powerfullness, All-Presentness, and His In-controllness of all things. The Lord our God is the only true God. I thank him for drawing me to Him with His kindness. I thank Him for salvation by faith (which is a gift from God, so no one should boast) by His Grace. I praise God, for He alone is worthy to be praised, His Will be done. I am thankful for the Holy Spirit so that I may call Jesus Lord and so I may be guided to all truth-the Word is truth. I am thankful I am God’s workmanship and He will fullfill His purpose in me. If God withdrew His Spirit and His Breath, all things alive would no longer be living. I ask that He touch my husband’s heart, make him aware of sin, and grant him repentence of sin and bring him to the Cross, and for him to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Dear Lord, give me the words to say, and the actions to show, for it is the Lord alone, the Holy Spirit who circumcises the heart and transforms us so that we by faith become a dwelling place for Jesus, and that we are at the right hand of God’s throne in Jesus Christ, in His Righteousness. I know that God knows each of us from before the beginning and that He formed us in the womb, and knows the number of days in our life and the number of hairs on our head. I also know that God gave free will to each of us as a gift, and He is faithful and true to that gift and all gifts He has given us. If, in my husband’s life and in using his gift of free will and all the other gifts you have given him, he does not choose to follow you, accept you, acknowledge you, love you dear Lord, please let me continue in Your Peace, Your Joy, Your Protection, Your Love, Your Guidance and Direction, in confidence, and let the words of my mouth and thoughts in my heart and mind be pleasing unto You. In Jesus’ name I pray-Amen.

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