Why in the World Do I Minister to Youth???

Youth ministry.  The concept has been around in churches for just over 100 years. Why do youth pastors / leaders opt to hang out with teenagers?  We find ourselves surrounded by constant energy, chaos, fun, piles of Bible lesson sheets, and plenty of teenagers.  What could be the draw to this environment?

Several youth leaders are in it so they can have a second run at their teenage years, an opportunity to be “one of the guys.” Some are intimidated by adults, so they go with the “next best thing.” Some are thrilled with the opportunity to get free food.  None are in it for the money, I know that for sure.

However, there’s only one adequate reason one should be in youth ministry.  Actually, this goes for any ministry position – Sunday school teacher, missionary, praise and worship musician, pastor, elder, deacon.  Obedience to God is the only valid reason for someone to be in a ministry position.  Are you serving in your position out of obedience, or out of curiosity? Out of obedience, or for fun? Out of obedience, or for something to do?

I am making myself look at my schedule, my “ministries.” Each one has its earthly pros and cons.  However, I am taking an honest look at what I have on my plate.  What am I doing that’s Spirit-lead? What am I doing that’s Brandon-lead?  That’s a question I can’t afford to leave unanswered. . .


2 thoughts on “Why in the World Do I Minister to Youth???

  1. Brandon,

    Saw your site from a mutual friend…totally love it. Way to go with the youth ministry post! You’re instantly on my prayer list, buddy…I’m an ex-youth pastor and can’t wait till God lets me go back! TTYL.

  2. Hey Brandon –
    Thank so much for your challenge to ask the questions we humans love to dismiss. You are completely right in that we can’t afford to let them go unanswered. I admire you and what you are doing to identify motivations. Please tell Misty I said Hello!!!

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