The revelation of Revelation

Here’s an excerpt of a piece I’ve been writing on the treasure trove I’ve discovered in the book of Revelation.  This is the first part of three:

Fear. My gut reaction to the book of Revelation in scripture has primarily been one of fear.  With just the mention of the book, images of mist, various forms of livestock, blood, and lightning encroach on the margins of my imagination.  During the majority of my years as a church-goer, I have been intimidated by the confusing symbols, mysterious figures, and seemingly harsh Coordinator of all the events.  If I had a choice between reading Revelation or any of the other 66 books of the Bible, I’d choose the others any day.

That is, until this past summer.  I realized that I was not giving the last book of the Bible a fair shake in my estimation of its content.  So, I decided to do an in-depth excavation of the pages written by John.  Three months and twenty-two chapters later, admittedly I still don’t have a firm grip on the meaning of all the prophecies, nor do I know exactly where I stand on the pre-, post-, or mid-tribulation debate.  Instead, I have discovered something priceless. . .


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