The Denver Broncos’ Burden

The only good thing that I can think of that came out of Denver’s game against Indy this afternoon was that they managed to nearly double their highest scoring output this season. Their enemic offense found some sort of life.  But wait!  Wasn’t this supposed to be the best defense in the modern era of football?  It was.  Until Peyton Manning shredded the D for over three hundred yards.  This vaunted D didn’t get a sack, didn’t even touch Manning.  No interceptions – even with the pick-machine, Champ Bailey.  What happened? 

One of two things will happen for the defense: one, they will bounce back and continue dominating games. Or two, the rest of Denver’s opponents will take notes on how the Colts dismembered the Broncos, making life miserable the rest of the season.

One of two things will happen for the offense: one, they will go back to squeaking out 17 points a game, putting up baseball-type point totals.  Or two, the Broncos will live as if this game were not an anomoly, and they will continue picking up momentum as the season progresses. 

Dr. B’s prognosis:  I believe the defense will continue to be good, but no longer great.  I think this game will give opponents too many clues as to how to penetrate the armor of Champ Bailey and associates.  AND I believe the offense will start putting up more numbers as the weeks advance.  Therefore, games will be decided more by Denver’s offense rather than defense in the near future.  The burden, after today’s match-up, has shifted from the backs of the D to the shoulders of the O.  To me, that is a scary proposition.  We have great potential to succeed.  However, with Jake, we have much potential to shoot ourselves in the foot. 

I suppose my frustration with the Denver Broncos is parallel to my frustration with myself.  I see potential in me to live a holy life, to “keep in step with the Spirit.” I’ve experienced that sweetness before.  Christ living in and through me – there’s nothing more fulfilling than that on this earth!  However, I, like the Broncos, have the capability of robbing myself of victory.  Why do I make it so hard on myself?

Victory is already guaranteed if I play by God’s playbook.  “We are more than conquerors.” However, when I take the game into my own hands, that’s when I fumble the game away.  Why take that risk? I can’t possibly win the game on my own.

Thanks, Lord, for providing victory in Christ. The game ball goes to you. . .


One thought on “The Denver Broncos’ Burden

  1. Hey there B – yeah it was a great game though. We heard people shouting from down the street. It’s a moment in time where a sweet memory starts of watching football with my dad. It stunk that we lost it, thus losing homefield advantage in the playoffs but it was a worthy game.

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