I Hate Ostriches!!!

I think, to a certain degree, we all have our own quirky defense mechanisms, strategically used to protect our little selves from getting hurt.  I see myself using my withdraw-from-the-problem, stick-my-head-in-the-ground-like-an-ostrich trick to try to shield my overly sensitive psyche.  It’s so obvious to the world around me that that is what I’m doing, that I’m not engaging the issue at hand. What drives me to plop my thick head in the dirt? Fear? Laziness? Apathy? Yes, but more than that, it boils down to lack of obedience to the Word of God.  Tackling issues head-on, making relationships right is scriptural.  Please pardon me while I shake the grit and grime from my ears. . .I have some bridge-building to do.


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