A Legacy of Encouragement

About a month ago, I was able to catch up with an old friend from junior and senior high. It had been years since we had spoken, and there was (still is!) much to talk about. She was always like an additional big sister to me. She told me about her 9-month old son, her husband, and her life on the other side of the country. She also told me she wanted to send something to me.

Today I got in the mail a note and some family pictures, but the main thing she sent to me was a card of encouragement that my mom had sent her years ago. My mom died on March 26, 1995. This card was dated just two months prior, and was newsy (about my brother and me in college), upbeat, and above all, encouraging. My friend told me that on an occassional basis she would receive similar notes or cards from my mom.

Over the years some memories fade, others hang on for dear life. I knew that my mother was a letter-writer by nature, but I had forgotten how she used that medium to reach out and encourage those in her life. My mom had never written an e-mail, blogged, or chatted online. Bette Miller wrote in a more personalized way, with time, pen, paper, and postage. She felt compelled by her Lord to reach out. Her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, looking back, was a very beautiful thing.

We’ll all be remembered for certain aspects of our lives, whether we were funny, talented, friendly, grumpy, dumpy, or jumpy. Or encouraging. We have a day-by-day decision to make now while we’re living how we’ll be remembered when we’re gone. My mom made the deliberate choice to leave behind a legacy of encouragement, the effects of which are still being felt 12 years later.

Where’s that leave us? Not everyone is a letter-writer. Not everyone can sing. But every believer has the invitation to walk in God’s Spirit. Yielding to God’s leading lends itself to the building of a godly legacy here on this earth.

Thanks, Lord, for my mom’s heart for encouragement. Please create in me the legacy you want me to leave. Amen.


2 thoughts on “A Legacy of Encouragement

  1. Awesome story Brandon of how you were encouraged by someone who was greatly encouraged by your mom over the past years, this leaves me encouraged! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I finished Mitch Albom’s ‘the five people you meet in Heaven’ yesterday and got talking to a couple of people about it today. Mainly about the impact we have on the lives of others in ways that we may never know … and that somehow we are all connected in this crazy mixed up world of ours.

    Isn’t life an amazing thing? Thanks for your story. It made me smile.

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