Melancholy Menagerie

Today has just been a surreal day for me. I’ve been especially drawn to revisiting pieces of my past. Even just now I’m listening to old cassette tapes from high school and shortly thereafter. Band and choir concerts, as well as mix tapes for various life events, including the passing of my mom in ’95. I’m not particularly missing her just now, just magnetized toward the last twelve years of my life. It’s the same sensation as going through my journals over the past decade – I almost feel like a peeping tom, looking at my life from the outside. The ups, the downs, the victories, the failures. All of them seem like they’re from another lifetime, from somebody else’s life. While I’m peeking at my life from afar just now, I am experiencing a coctail of emotions. Very strange mood I’m in…

The one thing I’m hanging on to just now is the thought of the Lord calling Himself the Alpha and the Omega. He’s not just the God of the Old Testament, or the New Testament, or the present, or the future, He is the God of all history, beginning through the end. He is in full command of all the universe and all time, including everything that He happens to choose to involve us in. He alone is stable, and He alone is trustworthy, He alone is good.

Even when I feel a sense of melancholy like tonight, I praise God in my heart for who He is, and what He does. Thanks, Lord.


One thought on “Melancholy Menagerie

  1. I have days like that too Brandon, in fact I did not too long ago as well, and I never know why really either. But all that you said about the Lord and His faithfulness, stability, etc are so true and gives cause to rejoice in Him! I hope your state of melancholy is better this week and He revealed more about Himself to you during that time. Take care my friend!

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