let’s NOT talk about the weather…

I just returned from the Chicago area, where I used to live. I got to spend ten days with some very good friends, and I want to share snapshots of the connective conversations I had the joy of engaging in with new acquaintances and old friends. Very grateful for the sharing of real life!

We spoke….

About the futility of superficial relationships

About the gift of enthusiastic, genuine encouragement

About the usefulness of discontentedness in this life, that it points us to the only One who can satisfy

About the importance of communication in marriage and family relationships

About the joy of hard work

About the need for love, respect, and forgiveness in relationships

About the real-life weight of battling depression

About ministering to those who are depressed and suicidal

About the difficulties of and the need to love the unloveable

About the power of God through prayer (as opposed to “the power of prayer”)

About the roles of Scripture memory and worship in the on-the-spot fight against temptation

About the need to make your faith your own, and not taking for granted your parents’ faith

About the value of godly parenting

About the beauty of music

About the joy of singing with good friends

About the pleasure of reading good books

About the craft of writing about anything that happens to come your way in life

About the nature of the church in America, that it is being largely transformed by culture, and not so much the other way around

About the abundance of God’s provision

About the overwhelming beauty of God’s handiwork in creation

About the nature and value of discomfort in ministry

About the need to stay focused on the relational aspect of our walk with Christ as our motivation for obedience

About the necessity of avoiding being bound by the law or taking advantage of God’s grace (or, the need to find the middle area of the pendulum-swing between the two extremes)

About the danger of blindly following a human being who claims to have the corner market on truth

About the privilege of feeling like a part of the family, wherever true fellowship exists

About the life-giving nature of meaningful relationships

Many thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to connect with some exceptionally wonderful, fun, enjoyable people over the course of the last ten days!


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