Musical Time Machine

Last night some friends of mine and I met together for the second week in a row to listen to various pieces of classical music. Yesterday’s hang-out time was a tad more structured, in that we took turns choosing a performance on Youtube to listen to. We covered a wide range of music, but it was all beautiful in its own way. We even listened to some PDQ Bach, the fictitious son of JS Bach, with one of his hilarious creations! Here is the rundown, as I remember it:

Richard Strauss – Im Abendrot, soloist: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf

Dvořák – Silent Woods, cello: Yo-Yo Ma

Fauré Requiem, LIbera Me

Rachmaninoff – Etude-tableau Op.33 No.5 in D minor

Godowsky – Java Suite – X. In the Kraton

Borodin String Quartet No: 2 in D

Joseph Haydn – Symphony #45

Yo-Yo Shreds at the Inauguration with Perlman et al.

P.D.Q. Bach (Peter Schickele) – “New horizons in music appreciation” (Beethoven)

Weaved throughout our listening experience were laughs, tidbits of history of the composers, and commentary. I felt like we had taken a time machine back to the 20s or before, where friends would pass the time by listening and/or playing music together, either gathered around a piano or at least a record player.

Yes, Youtube helped us in our endeavor. But the experience was almost magical, in that we enjoyed each other’s company and we were able to appreciate a wide variety of music in all its splendor. This may be a regular occurrence, which I’m excited about! Stay tuned for music notes and miscellany from next week’s hangout!


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