Be Still and Know…

19studiorecording_0I’m good at bucking trends and beating odds.

Medically speaking, I beat the odds again this week. It’s extremely rare for an adult to contract the childhood disease known as “Hand-foot-mouth.” Since I don’t like to be typical, I decided I’d come down with the relatively harmless but very uncomfortable and inconvenient illness. Today has been day three of dealing with blisters on my hands, tongue, and throat. While I’m feeling a tad better, I’m still quite contagious and am taking every precaution to not get my family sick.

So, I’ve relegated my existence primarily to the back deck, dining room table, and bed. It doesn’t help that I am a people person by nature. On top of that, this was my first week away from my job at the bank. I switched gears so I could focus my energies on part-time work, school, and ministry. I had some AWESOME plans set up for this week and next. But my contagiousness and exhaustion have not allowed me to do much of anything, except for resting. I think that’s what the Doctor is ordering…


In a day of apps and podcasts and music and videos and all kinds of communication, it is hard to “be still and know” that the Lord is God. It’s been extremely hard to go from 60-hours a week of work to absolutely nothing. I’ve desired to spend time with the Lord these last few days, but I have programmed myself to need noise and entertainment all my waking hours. It is hard to tune out the noise and commune with Christ.

Last night I had a bit of a breakthrough, though. One practice of mine is to occasionally read out loud a passage of Scripture and record it. That way, I can play it back over and over, and it becomes a whole lot easier to dwell on and reflect. If I’m reading out loud, there’s not a whole lot else that I can be paying attention to. So, last night I began recording, chapter by chapter, the book of Acts. Mega encouraging, mega sobering. Since recording, I’ve listened to it at least twice, and have had the words of Luke the doctor/historian ringing through my brain. Very, very grateful…


So, here’s my challenge to you, whether you are sick or not. Pick a book of the Bible. I’d suggest, for now, something from the New Testament. Something a bit shorter (Philippians is a great place to start!) Whether it’s through a recording app you have on your phone or computer, or if it’s an old-fashioned tape recorder, read out loud and record that book, one chapter at a time. Save it. Play it back often. Just like in reading the Word, each time you go through a passage, you’ll begin to see new things as you interact and dwell on God’s revelation to man.

**Pick a book of the Bible

**Record it, one chapter at a time

**Play it back at least daily for a month

**Grab a notebook/journal/online notepad and take notes of anything that grabs your attention. What is God saying? What does He mean? How will you respond?

**Pick a new book for the next month and repeat….

**Let me know how this goes for you!



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